Can I Get Free Stocks For Signing Up In Iconsumer?

iConsumer is a cashback application and website just like Rakuten but with a twist. Additional to earning cashback for your acquisitions, you can gain shares of iConsumer stock. You get free stocks for signing up similar to other apps like Moomoo.

Cashback programs are a great way to save cash on the items you wish to shop for anyway, thus employing a few different cashback apps or websites is a great call. By collaborating in these programs and creating constant purchases that you would make, you will earn $100 or more every year in cashback.If you want to know more about free stock, you can find its details on

How to Get Free Stock from iConsumer

There are three ways to get free iConsumer stock:

One is through shopping — Use iConsumer to find the best coupons and cash back deals at online stores. Also, earn iConsumer stock each time you earn money back through using the iConsumer Button browser extension or searching through proceedings on the website. You can earn your five hundred shares of stock once you make your 1st purchase. See, you earn stock along with the cashback for every qualified purchase you make within the program.

The second is through referrals — you will earn $10 and up to 250 shares of stock once you refer iConsumer to your friends. You can invite your friends via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or email. And you can also send your personal referral code or link to your friends.

The third and last method is through Coupons — just like Honey, iConsumer can automatically search out your coupons once you are searching online. If iConsumer finds coupons, it automatically applies the one that saves the foremost cash to your order throughout checkout. You will additionally browse coupons on the iConsumer website by attending to Coupons on the main navigation bar.